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Exquisite Workers 2022 Calendar

  • Exquisite Workers 2022 Calendar



HAND-MADE CUSTOM DESIGN - Featuring original illustrations from the longest Exquisite Corpse made on @exquisiteworkers official Instagram page during 2020-2021 with 113 professional accounts of 2D and 3D creators included. This Calendar champions the art from the first historical NFTs by Exquisite Workers.

HIGH QUALITY - Thick pages to reduce ink leakage, erase fraying and shade issues + Bright paper to create clean writing space + Printed with high quality and well-balanced color ink + Printed in the local printing shop in Barcelona to support the local commerce + Produced on smooth matt paper (Shiro Echo 250 grs. 100% recycled), very easy and comfortable to write and draw on, also great for the environment.

PROFESSIONAL CONTENT DESIGN - 12 monthly reference: from January to December on every monthly page + full year Calendar page.

PERFECT UNFORGETTABLE GIFT - Handmade, crafted with love, it is a very best practical New Year, Birthday and St Valentine’s gift. Giving visibility to hundreds of illustrators from all over the world and supporting art and culture. Ready to ship in 5-7 business days worldwide, from the heart of Barcelona.

JANUARY-DECEMBER 2022 - 12 months of monthly pages + Focus on easy and efficient planning, scheduling and tracking your creative work and wonderful artsy things to do for the year ahead.

FUNCTIONAL DETAILS - Sturdy twin-wire binding for turning pages easily + Hanging hook for hanging calendar flexibly.

Send the email to during 14 days since setting the order in order to receive the commemorative NFT associated to the unity of the calendar purchased minted on Polygon blockchain.

Colours: All types of colors varying each month
Open height (mm): 420
Open width (mm): 270
Binding: Wire O
Wheight: 650 g
View: Month to View
Stard Day: Monday
Start Month: January
Duration: 12 Month
Language: English
Hanger Type: Metal Loop

We are more than delighted to keep the Exquisite Workers’s yearly tradition to create the most creative and powerful Calendar ever. This time living on blockchain.

We are happy to invite you to see the extraordinary result of long hours of work on @exquisiteworkers, learn about the history of Exquisite Workers, what Exquisite Corpse game represents and how we entered the Metaverse.

Join us on this exciting exquisite journey on Earth and in Space with the great Surrealists as inspiring mentors!